Associated firms

UHY Centra Management Associates has two associate companies under its umbrella which provide, accounts, tax advisory, tax compliance, company secretarial, HR service and, payroll services. They are:

  • Centra Management Consultant (Pvt) Ltd , which provides many services such as accountancy, advisory, taxation and secretarial, etc. Our clients’ needs are what we are strive to meet, and is not only limited to this but we also advise clients on how to make their businesses as profitable as possible in the long-term. Our employees are hardworking and well experienced crowd that work together as a team to achieve the core values of Centra.
  • Equitas Management Consultant (Pvt) Ltd - is well known for its services in supporting the maintenance of business and family relationships. Our team of professionals here are highly experienced in overcoming issues related to family owned businesses by providing a lot of side supporting strategies that help these businesses survive for long periods of time. Our purpose is to serve our clients, partners and colleagues to ensure each client’s ultimate goals are achieved throughout the site selection, property acquisition, due diligence, financing, entitlements, planning, design and construction management